Sketchbook of Dinosaurs. HeroesCon 2012

This past weekend I attended Heroescon 2012 with Hansel, Myrka and Armando and I want to share my sketches and their stories 🙂

(On Twitter)

This first sketch is by Robert Wilson (@robertwilsoniv)

Robert was the first person to draw in my first sketchbook, He was excited as much as I was, and he also likes Dinosaurs 🙂 Thumbs up!

He also displayed some beautiful artwork at HeroesCon, especially the two different posters for The Mountain Goats Tour. If you are a Mountain Goats Fan (@mountain_goats), you will soon be familiar with this artist.


Second sketch is by Tait Howard (@TAITCOMICS)

For the rest of the day I kept saying “Rawr!” I also bought the cutest teal and pink earrings from him 🙂 They matched my outfit and hair on Sunday. He has an awesome poster with Sharks drinking and smoking out titled “Jawsome”, which is so awesome.


Third sketch is by Falynn K (@FalynnK)

I call this Tea Cup Love 🙂  Falynn and Tait Howard were doing free sketches, but together,  me and Armando donated 15 to their tip jar, and Hansel bought some artwork. She was adorable, on Sunday while we waited in line for the floor to open, she welcomed us to her booth for more free sketches.

Fourth sketch is by Jackie Lewis (@ackimakescomics)

By looking at her artwork you can tell she has a sense of humor. Hansel and Armando and Jackie were all sharing funny stories about the show Workaholics and sharing quotes. You must check out her artwork, if you ever get to meet her. She has a small art booklet with a flap that wraps around with Velcro and a book on sad monsters. She also has awesome hair.

Fifth sketch is by Dustin Harbin (@dustinharbin)

He was doing sketches while I was waiting in line to see Scott Synder, and I knew it was going to take a while, so i commissioned him for a dinosaur! He has some great stuff. I knew I wanted a commission once I saw one of his postcards  of  a dinosaur with a black cape with Batman.

Maris Wicks

She was kind enough to draw me this quick dinosaur. My favorite art piece of hers is one of Hulk doing different yoga positions, to relieve his anger. Her artwork is very clean and loves adding detail with her digital coloring. I love it.

Nate Cosby (@NateCosBOOM)

He is a writer,  but I saw that he was doodling on the table, and so I kindly asked him if he can draw me a dinosaur. I thanked him for taking the time to draw on my sketchbook.

Alice Darrow, Geof Darrows daughter. I comissioned her to draw me a dinosaur 🙂 It so cute!

Geof Darrow

He kindly grabbed by sketchbook after his daughter finished with the dinosaur, and said that this sketch was on him 🙂

Yale Stewart (@LittleLeaguelol)

This artist draws the cutest baby superheroes. Check out his work. Baby Supergirl, and Flash are adorable.

“I misplaced the business card of this artist. She was sitting next to Chris Sims (@theisb) and Chad Bowers (@chadbowers)”

This was me before, she found me on Twitter. Artwork is by Jordan Witt (@jordannwitt)
I love the top hat! 🙂 Thank you Jordan ^-^

Chris Sims (@theisb)

It was Sunday already, and I was trying to get people interested in drawing me dinosaurs. Chris was very enthusiastic, he even had a small sign that said something along the lines “Will draw a horrible sketch for a dollar. Seriously.”I wanted as many sketches as I could get at HeroesCon, and then realized how much I was getting addicted. Its very addicting. I love this sketch. Very creative.

Chad Bowers (@chadbowers)

Chad and Chris are working together on a comic book called Awesome Hospital. He also took the time to draw me a sketch. Thank you.

“Death Rays. Mind Control. Teenage Werewolves. When you’ve got a problem so rad that conventional science can’t help, you need to consult the specialists of Awesome Hospital.”

I got a sketch from this guy that was doing free horrible sketches. Im super excited at this point looking forward to getting sketches from anybody that had time to do a dinosaur. I love artwork, and I love this sketch, because he took the time to draw it. Thank you anonymous guy.

So there it is. I payed for sketches, made donations, and got free sketches.

I look forward to getting more dinosaur sketches from other Cons, or i just might change it up to another theme.

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HEROES CON 2012 and Locke and Key Cosplay

Me, my boyfriend Hansel, his sister Myrka, and his friend Armando had a great time on a road trip to Heroes Con.

We traveled from Harlingen, Texas to Charlotte, North Carolina. This was my first time traveling out of Texas on a road trip that took 23 hours, not counting the restroom breaks and eating at the Waffle house in three different towns.

On Wednesday we headed out at 8 in the morning. Right before we got into Houston, we couldn’t stop talking about Bucee’s. The advertisement was just great. They had big billboards, about 5 in a row, it was very entertaining. We definitely planned to stop on our way back.

Hours pass by, and I was super excited to be in another state, Louisiana. Around 6 pm, we passed what I thought was the longest bridge ever through Lake Bigeaux. It took 16 minutes, and we were going 60 miles per hour. We ate dinner, traveled some more, and then slept in a Hotel in Montgomery, Alabama.

Thursday morning we ate breakfast at the Waffle House next to the hotel, and then got back on the road. At 11:30 am we arrive to Atlanta, Georgia. It was very exciting to see skyscrapers, after hours and hours of only trees. Hansel and Myrka are always talking about how they miss Checkers, and there happened to be one in Lawrenceville, GA, so we stop to eat there round 2pm.

Then we arrive to our destination around 4pm. Charlotte is such a beautiful city. As we are checking into The Westin Charlotte Hotel, Hansel has been able to run into several artists and writers. He was able to talk to Scott Snyder and Jonathan Hickman before I even met them. He was so excited.

That afternoon, we all go to the 3rd floor gymnasium to fit in some exercise after sitting in a car for hours.

Shortly after we are taking a walk downtown to find a place to eat. We end up finding a Pizza place by The Epicentre, eat, then stop at the CVS Pharmacy for some shampoo, and head back to the hotel to rest for tomorrow’s event.

Friday, we wake up early, get some Panera Bread Bagels, and wait in line by 9 am.

We still have the mentality that we will have to wait long hours in a line just like in San Diego Comic Con. I quickly grasped the fact that that’s not how things work around here in Heroes Con. It was relaxing, not overcrowded. It was great. We met almost everybody in the first day, only one other panel clashed with each other, but i didn’t make it a big deal. We attended the Strange Talent of Luther Strode Panel with Justin and Tradd.

A list of who we met on the first day so far. (On Twitter)

Mike Mignola, Skottie Young (@skottieyoung), Tradd Moore (@TraddMoore), Justin Jordan (@Justin_Jordan), Nick Pitarra (@N1ckyPoo), Jonathan Hickman (@JHickman), Robert Wilson (@robertwilsoniv), Cliff Chiang (@cliffchiang) Matt Wilson , Jill Thompson (@thejillthompson), Nathan Edmondson (@Nhedmondson) Charles Soule (@CharlesSoule) Mitch Gerads (@MitchGerads), Brian Reber, Ryan Bodenheim (@RyanBodenheim), Ray Fawkes (@rayfawkes), Chrissie Zullo (@Chrissie_Zullo), Ivan Brandon (@IvanBrandon) Joe Eisma (@Supajoe ), Charles Paul Wilson (@cpwilsoniii),Dave Wachter(@DaveWachter), Brian Hurtt (@brihurtt), Matt Kindt (@mattkindt), Jeff Lemire (@JeffLemire), Scott Snyder (@Ssnyder1835), Bill Willingham (@BillWillingham), Adam Hughes (@AH_AdamHughes). We meet more that are unlisted.

Me with Scott Snyder, Hansel and Myrka

We planned to give something back to these writers/artists because they are awesome. We handed fan made T-shirts to Scott Snyder, Jeff Lemire, Ray Fawkes, Joe Eisma, Nick Pitarra, Jonathan Hickman, Justin Jordan, and Tradd Moore.

Justin Jordan and Tradd Moore

Scott Snyder

Ray Fawkes

That night we went to the Drink and Draw at another pizza place across the convention, walked around a park and headed back to the hotel. It has been a great day so far. I then prepared and ironed my costume for tomorrow.

SATURDAY was the day. We all went to Panera Bread for Breakfast. While Hansel stayed in line, Me, Myrka and Armando went back to the hotel to get ready. Myrka assisted me in putting on the costume.

Hansel took some pictures of amazing costumes. People from Heroes Con were doing a documentary, and were asking the cosplayers if they want to be interviewed, so I went ahead and did that with Armando.

It was already close to 1, and I was getting hungry, so we had some BOJANGLES! We were told that around 2 there was going to be a gathering of all the cosplayers for a group photoshoot. Me and Armando attended, and boy, did i had fun being surrounded by so many cosplayers. After that, we all quickly went back to the apartment so me and Armando can get out of costume. Took a shower and made it back to another panel.

The day ended with eating dinner at a expensive Restaurant and laughing and playing Cards Against Humanity with my friends.

Sunday, Breakfast at Panera. I had the best day yesterday. All thanks to Hansel for making this trip happen 🙂

We still managed to get a few more sketches. My sketchbook was a collection of Dinosaurs. Hansel’s was mostly monsters, and avatar sketches. I was getting a 5 dollar sketch from Geof Darrows daughter, Alice Darrow of a dinosaur. It was so cute. Unexpectedly, Geof takes my sketchbook and draws me a dinosaur free of charge. He was so nice about it too 🙂 I was just smiling the whole time. So now it comes to Lunch break, could you guess what were going to eat? Thats right! BOJANGLES!

We meet more people along the way that I haven’t mentioned before.  Matt Fraction (@mattfraction) , Kevin Mellon (@kmellon), Steve Niles (@SteveNiles) , Sara Richard (@SaraRichard), Francesco Francavilla, Tait Howard (@TAITCOMICS) , Falynn K (@FalynnK), Jackie Lewis (@ackimakescomics), Brian Clevinger (@bclevinger) , Becky Cloonan (@beckycloonan), Little Forkers (@LittleForkers) , Cosplayers Riddle (@Ridd1e) and Katie (@katiecosplays), and others.

By this time, Hansel’s sister Myrka left to Florida for the rest of the month with his other siblings, so it was just us three.

It was sunday, so it was hard to find places that stayed opened past 10. We finally found a place to eat, Ale House. Food was good. Afterwards went to the Bar at the Hotel, and made some friends playing Cards Against Humanity. Erin Gladstone (@eglads), Elizabeth Enright (@Me0wz0id), and Cara McGee (@ohcararara)

Next morning, we packed everything and headed for breakfast at Panera Bread. I took my laptop and downloaded music for the trip. I quickly uploaded pictures of my cosplay on twitter to send them to Joe Hill (@joe_hill) and Gabriel Rodriguez (@GR_comics). It was a good start to the day that they both replied.

We took some bagels to-go. They lasted for while. Im really going to miss that place.

We traveled till 2 am and powered through to make it to Texas. I helped out Hansel by slapping his cheeks and shoulders and keeping him company. We ended up spending the night at a shady hotel in Orange, Texas.

Its tuesday, and we did end up stopping at Bucee’s, got some ice-cream and beef jerky. Arrived to Harlingen at 5 pm.

Overall, it was the best con ever.

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A preview of my Halloween/Cosplay costume.

I’ve had small jobs like driving around with my dad selling ice-cream in middle school, and working a firework stand back in 8th grade, but my first real job with a steady income was working at the Scene Shop as a Workstudy my Freshmen year of college. It was my chance to get familiar with all the tools used for construction, know the safety hazards, and help build the sets for the upcoming plays.

So im working on a costume that requires a huge prop that will be attached to my back. My boyfriend Hansel designed it, and im building it. (Just to be clear, this is a fan made costume)

I need the equipment and materials to cut the wood and the plastic tube, so I go to my fellow mentors Mike Salazar, and also with the permission of Tom Grabowski, if I can use their equipment.

Not going to lie, I took a gallon of paint and used the bottom of the can to trace out the circle i needed in the piece of wood. That was the size I was aiming for, so i saved some time there, especially since my Painting IV class was in 20 minutes.

I used a Bandsaw to cut out the circle. I love that machine, because it reminds me of a sewing machine. Of course it does not bind two pieces of wood together, but the way a curved stitch is positioned in the sewing machine, its the same on a bandsaw when cutting a circle.

I cut it as close as i could, and then sand it down with the Belt Sander.

In the design, I have to cut a circle in the center so the plastic pipe can fit snug. I used a Center Square Ruler. I mark it, then I ask Mike what is the recommended way to cut the center.

I thought this was going to be tough, and that’s when Mr. Tom showed me the Hole Saw Drill Bit Set. I have to attach it to the Drill Press and from there cut the circle, and make sure to put all the tools back. I found one that was the exact size that I needed.

This is the Hole Saw Drill Bit

And the Drill Press.

I bet you didn’t notice by the time I took the picture I had already put back the Drill Bit 🙂 Then I used a Backsaw to cut the plastic tube.

I got the job done. Finally, I can work on the rest of the costume at home. Im not going to say what the costume is just yet, but you can guess. I can’t wait for it to come all together.


Here is the teaser 🙂


Batman Breakfast

Take your favorite cookie cutter, and cut out the shape in the center of the bread.

Put aside the bread, you will use it for later.

Use nonstick foil paper, it works like a charm! Slides right off!

Pour the egg in the center of the bread as shown.

Now, put in the oven. My sister Laura put it at 400 for a couple minutes.

Just keep checking up on it.

It came out crunchy and toasty.

Take the leftover bread cutouts and use your favorite jelly spread.


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Reupholstering a Wallet

My sister’s wallet was falling apart, so I fixed it by recycling a piece of fabric from her old t-shirt.

Here are some pictures before and after.

Wizard World Austin

Me and Hansel went to Wizard World in Austin Nov. 11-13 this year. We had the best time there with his friends from Laredo who love reading comics and love buying original artwork. Me and Hansel went to say hi again to Rob Guillory, the artist for the comic book series Chew.

Hansel and Rob Guillory at Wizard World Austin

Im glad I was able to first meet him when we went to the San Diego Comic Con this summer and hand him a fan made messenger bag.

Chew is about a FBI agent that pretty much gets taken advantage off with his power of being able to get a psychic sensation of whatever he eats, having the ability to know where and how it was cropped, (like vegetables), how it was killed (like the meat in his burgers), and the only things that does not disgust him whenever he takes a bite are beets. It’s great. Must check it out. Rob has a good sence of humor, I always look forward to finding funny hidden messages in his artwork.

Next to Rob was Kody Chamberlain, with his published comic book called Sweets. I respect comic book artists that are both writers and artists. It’s a lot of work.

Me and Kody Chamberlain at Wizard World Austin

I read Sweets, and i enjoyed the mystery of the crime scene , especially the unexpected ending. I loved the dialogue in the flashbacks and memories of the characters. It gave the characters more depth and got me really attached to them. It was well thought out. Kody is a genius. Im glad I picked up Sweets. I dig it 🙂

I’ve been hearing a lot about Morning Glories, but i haven’t been able to find the 1st trade paperback. Im not going to lie, i was intimidated because the artist Joe Eisma had his booth, ….like a few feet away from me, and it’s mind blowing that I can just walk up to them.  My first comic book convention was San Diego Comic Con, and it was pretty intimidating, but this convention was even more intimidating. I said hi, and finally was able to buy both trade paperbacks.

Me and Joe Eisma at Wizard World Austin

Love his artwork. He can really capture how sinister Miss Daramount is. I want to know who the Headmaster is already! Im looking forward into how he’s going to look like 🙂 Joe is so talented, and it was nice to meet him. Nobody can illustrate Morning Glories better than he can.

When I was first holding the issue of The Red Wing, it brought me back to Jonathan Hickman’s panel at San Diego Comic Con.  I remember his panel being before Bill Willingham’s Fables panel. The point is, me and Hansel were there early enough to make sure we made it to Hickman’s panel. Hansel is a fan, and he really got me interested in reading The Red Wing, and i have yet to check out S.H.I.E.L.D. and other of his works. Me and Hansel were sitting at the  front, and I remember Hickman looking very distracted. He made a joke how everybody was just there for the Fables panel. Hansel was sitting there in the very front, very interested in the discussion, and I have a feeling, a slight feeling, that Hickman was able to spot him as one of his fans. I hope so, Hansel was very happy that he was able to ask him a question 🙂

As for Wizard World, we found out that Nick Pitarra, the artist for the Red Wing was going to be there, and we both knew we had to stop by his booth.

Nick Pitarra with Hansel Moreno at Wizard World Austin “Beard Touch”

Nick was very nice and approachable. Me and Hansel introduced ourselves, what we do for a living . He ended up talking about how his mom used to sew, and that he had asked her before is she could build him the hat from the Red Wing, just as an idea, and that’s when I jumped in that I can build him the hat 🙂 It was great day already! I got commissioned by Nick Pitarra to make hats!  How great is that! One for him, one for Jonathan Hickman, and for the colorist. It was the best day ever.

Hansel did all the research and made the pattern himself, and designed the wings. I build the hat. It took overall, about 20 hours for both.

Here is Nick Pitarra with his hat

Hansel found an event that was going to be held in Dallas, and that Nick, Kody, Rob, Joe, and other of his favorite artists were going to be there. I planned it out to where I was able to balance out school and finish the hat, so we can surprise Nick. It was a long drive but it was worth it.

A few words from Nick 🙂

“How cool is this! Nancy Amaro and Hansel Moreno made these awesome REDWING Ski hats for me and Jonathan Hickman. They drove an 18 hour round trip from Laredo to drop them off as a surprise at the Image signing held at Zeus Comics in Dallas! Just unbelievably awesome! Getting one made up for the talented colorista Rachelle Rosenberg too! This hat totally made my Christmas!”

It made my day 🙂

_Nancy Amaro

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Searching for a website to Blog

Back when I was in High School, I took a BIMM class, and one of our assignments was to sign up and get familiar with Blogger.

I remember Blogger, but never used it.

Just a few minutes ago, when I was trying to sign up for this blogging website that my sister recommended, realized that my email has already been used.

I don’t know why and how i signed up, but here I am, my first blog. My goal is to network.

_Nancy Amaro