Designer Talk II

Loving the idea of researching costume designers and blogging about it through my phone 🙂 A little background about myself into why I chose this topic.

In 2007, I worked on my second musical in high school and was asked to design costumes. Having an art background, I agreed to volunteer. Had fun drawing the lobster and the queen of hearts for Alice in Wonderland Jr.  didnt think about it much until we received the finished costumes. That was the day I decided to pursue a career in costume design. I got to work as a costume shop assistant workstudy for 3 years and I just recently got my bachelors in Theatre Design and T.V. Film. Now that im out of school, it allows me to make more time for commissions, and most importantly I love it. This is the website where I upload my work

So now my focus is on a designer that I did some research on, her name is Colleen Atwood.

She is known for Edward Scissorhands, Chicago, Big Fish, and Alice in Wonderland. I also found out on IMDB that she worked on Silence of the Lambs, Sleepy Hollow, Planet of the Apes, Lemony Snicket’s: A Series of Unfortunate Events, Memoirs of a Geisha, Sweeney Todd and the Black Parade outfits for My Chemical Romance. She is currently doing costumes for Into the Woods with Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp and Anna Kendrick and im really looking forward to it.

I will definetly keep up with her work and look at all the detail when I watch the movies that she worked on.


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