Sketchbook of Dinosaurs. HeroesCon 2012

This past weekend I attended Heroescon 2012 with Hansel, Myrka and Armando and I want to share my sketches and their stories 🙂

(On Twitter)

This first sketch is by Robert Wilson (@robertwilsoniv)

Robert was the first person to draw in my first sketchbook, He was excited as much as I was, and he also likes Dinosaurs 🙂 Thumbs up!

He also displayed some beautiful artwork at HeroesCon, especially the two different posters for The Mountain Goats Tour. If you are a Mountain Goats Fan (@mountain_goats), you will soon be familiar with this artist.


Second sketch is by Tait Howard (@TAITCOMICS)

For the rest of the day I kept saying “Rawr!” I also bought the cutest teal and pink earrings from him 🙂 They matched my outfit and hair on Sunday. He has an awesome poster with Sharks drinking and smoking out titled “Jawsome”, which is so awesome.


Third sketch is by Falynn K (@FalynnK)

I call this Tea Cup Love 🙂  Falynn and Tait Howard were doing free sketches, but together,  me and Armando donated 15 to their tip jar, and Hansel bought some artwork. She was adorable, on Sunday while we waited in line for the floor to open, she welcomed us to her booth for more free sketches.

Fourth sketch is by Jackie Lewis (@ackimakescomics)

By looking at her artwork you can tell she has a sense of humor. Hansel and Armando and Jackie were all sharing funny stories about the show Workaholics and sharing quotes. You must check out her artwork, if you ever get to meet her. She has a small art booklet with a flap that wraps around with Velcro and a book on sad monsters. She also has awesome hair.

Fifth sketch is by Dustin Harbin (@dustinharbin)

He was doing sketches while I was waiting in line to see Scott Synder, and I knew it was going to take a while, so i commissioned him for a dinosaur! He has some great stuff. I knew I wanted a commission once I saw one of his postcards  of  a dinosaur with a black cape with Batman.

Maris Wicks

She was kind enough to draw me this quick dinosaur. My favorite art piece of hers is one of Hulk doing different yoga positions, to relieve his anger. Her artwork is very clean and loves adding detail with her digital coloring. I love it.

Nate Cosby (@NateCosBOOM)

He is a writer,  but I saw that he was doodling on the table, and so I kindly asked him if he can draw me a dinosaur. I thanked him for taking the time to draw on my sketchbook.

Alice Darrow, Geof Darrows daughter. I comissioned her to draw me a dinosaur 🙂 It so cute!

Geof Darrow

He kindly grabbed by sketchbook after his daughter finished with the dinosaur, and said that this sketch was on him 🙂

Yale Stewart (@LittleLeaguelol)

This artist draws the cutest baby superheroes. Check out his work. Baby Supergirl, and Flash are adorable.

“I misplaced the business card of this artist. She was sitting next to Chris Sims (@theisb) and Chad Bowers (@chadbowers)”

This was me before, she found me on Twitter. Artwork is by Jordan Witt (@jordannwitt)
I love the top hat! 🙂 Thank you Jordan ^-^

Chris Sims (@theisb)

It was Sunday already, and I was trying to get people interested in drawing me dinosaurs. Chris was very enthusiastic, he even had a small sign that said something along the lines “Will draw a horrible sketch for a dollar. Seriously.”I wanted as many sketches as I could get at HeroesCon, and then realized how much I was getting addicted. Its very addicting. I love this sketch. Very creative.

Chad Bowers (@chadbowers)

Chad and Chris are working together on a comic book called Awesome Hospital. He also took the time to draw me a sketch. Thank you.

“Death Rays. Mind Control. Teenage Werewolves. When you’ve got a problem so rad that conventional science can’t help, you need to consult the specialists of Awesome Hospital.”

I got a sketch from this guy that was doing free horrible sketches. Im super excited at this point looking forward to getting sketches from anybody that had time to do a dinosaur. I love artwork, and I love this sketch, because he took the time to draw it. Thank you anonymous guy.

So there it is. I payed for sketches, made donations, and got free sketches.

I look forward to getting more dinosaur sketches from other Cons, or i just might change it up to another theme.

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