HEROES CON 2012 and Locke and Key Cosplay

Me, my boyfriend Hansel, his sister Myrka, and his friend Armando had a great time on a road trip to Heroes Con.

We traveled from Harlingen, Texas to Charlotte, North Carolina. This was my first time traveling out of Texas on a road trip that took 23 hours, not counting the restroom breaks and eating at the Waffle house in three different towns.

On Wednesday we headed out at 8 in the morning. Right before we got into Houston, we couldn’t stop talking about Bucee’s. The advertisement was just great. They had big billboards, about 5 in a row, it was very entertaining. We definitely planned to stop on our way back.

Hours pass by, and I was super excited to be in another state, Louisiana. Around 6 pm, we passed what I thought was the longest bridge ever through Lake Bigeaux. It took 16 minutes, and we were going 60 miles per hour. We ate dinner, traveled some more, and then slept in a Hotel in Montgomery, Alabama.

Thursday morning we ate breakfast at the Waffle House next to the hotel, and then got back on the road. At 11:30 am we arrive to Atlanta, Georgia. It was very exciting to see skyscrapers, after hours and hours of only trees. Hansel and Myrka are always talking about how they miss Checkers, and there happened to be one in Lawrenceville, GA, so we stop to eat there round 2pm.

Then we arrive to our destination around 4pm. Charlotte is such a beautiful city. As we are checking into The Westin Charlotte Hotel, Hansel has been able to run into several artists and writers. He was able to talk to Scott Snyder and Jonathan Hickman before I even met them. He was so excited.

That afternoon, we all go to the 3rd floor gymnasium to fit in some exercise after sitting in a car for hours.

Shortly after we are taking a walk downtown to find a place to eat. We end up finding a Pizza place by The Epicentre, eat, then stop at the CVS Pharmacy for some shampoo, and head back to the hotel to rest for tomorrow’s event.

Friday, we wake up early, get some Panera Bread Bagels, and wait in line by 9 am.

We still have the mentality that we will have to wait long hours in a line just like in San Diego Comic Con. I quickly grasped the fact that that’s not how things work around here in Heroes Con. It was relaxing, not overcrowded. It was great. We met almost everybody in the first day, only one other panel clashed with each other, but i didn’t make it a big deal. We attended the Strange Talent of Luther Strode Panel with Justin and Tradd.

A list of who we met on the first day so far. (On Twitter)

Mike Mignola, Skottie Young (@skottieyoung), Tradd Moore (@TraddMoore), Justin Jordan (@Justin_Jordan), Nick Pitarra (@N1ckyPoo), Jonathan Hickman (@JHickman), Robert Wilson (@robertwilsoniv), Cliff Chiang (@cliffchiang) Matt Wilson , Jill Thompson (@thejillthompson), Nathan Edmondson (@Nhedmondson) Charles Soule (@CharlesSoule) Mitch Gerads (@MitchGerads), Brian Reber, Ryan Bodenheim (@RyanBodenheim), Ray Fawkes (@rayfawkes), Chrissie Zullo (@Chrissie_Zullo), Ivan Brandon (@IvanBrandon) Joe Eisma (@Supajoe ), Charles Paul Wilson (@cpwilsoniii),Dave Wachter(@DaveWachter), Brian Hurtt (@brihurtt), Matt Kindt (@mattkindt), Jeff Lemire (@JeffLemire), Scott Snyder (@Ssnyder1835), Bill Willingham (@BillWillingham), Adam Hughes (@AH_AdamHughes). We meet more that are unlisted.

Me with Scott Snyder, Hansel and Myrka

We planned to give something back to these writers/artists because they are awesome. We handed fan made T-shirts to Scott Snyder, Jeff Lemire, Ray Fawkes, Joe Eisma, Nick Pitarra, Jonathan Hickman, Justin Jordan, and Tradd Moore.

Justin Jordan and Tradd Moore

Scott Snyder

Ray Fawkes

That night we went to the Drink and Draw at another pizza place across the convention, walked around a park and headed back to the hotel. It has been a great day so far. I then prepared and ironed my costume for tomorrow.

SATURDAY was the day. We all went to Panera Bread for Breakfast. While Hansel stayed in line, Me, Myrka and Armando went back to the hotel to get ready. Myrka assisted me in putting on the costume.

Hansel took some pictures of amazing costumes. People from Heroes Con were doing a documentary, and were asking the cosplayers if they want to be interviewed, so I went ahead and did that with Armando.

It was already close to 1, and I was getting hungry, so we had some BOJANGLES! We were told that around 2 there was going to be a gathering of all the cosplayers for a group photoshoot. Me and Armando attended, and boy, did i had fun being surrounded by so many cosplayers. After that, we all quickly went back to the apartment so me and Armando can get out of costume. Took a shower and made it back to another panel.

The day ended with eating dinner at a expensive Restaurant and laughing and playing Cards Against Humanity with my friends.

Sunday, Breakfast at Panera. I had the best day yesterday. All thanks to Hansel for making this trip happen πŸ™‚

We still managed to get a few more sketches. My sketchbook was a collection of Dinosaurs. Hansel’s was mostly monsters, and avatar sketches. I was getting a 5 dollar sketch from Geof Darrows daughter, Alice Darrow of a dinosaur. It was so cute. Unexpectedly, Geof takes my sketchbook and draws me a dinosaur free of charge. He was so nice about it too πŸ™‚ I was just smiling the whole time. So now it comes to Lunch break, could you guess what were going to eat? Thats right! BOJANGLES!

We meet more people along the way that I haven’t mentioned before.Β  Matt Fraction (@mattfraction) , Kevin Mellon (@kmellon), Steve Niles (@SteveNiles) , Sara Richard (@SaraRichard), Francesco Francavilla, Tait Howard (@TAITCOMICS) , Falynn K (@FalynnK), Jackie Lewis (@ackimakescomics), Brian Clevinger (@bclevinger) , Becky Cloonan (@beckycloonan), Little Forkers (@LittleForkers) , Cosplayers Riddle (@Ridd1e) and Katie (@katiecosplays), and others.

By this time, Hansel’s sister Myrka left to Florida for the rest of the month with his other siblings, so it was just us three.

It was sunday, so it was hard to find places that stayed opened past 10. We finally found a place to eat, Ale House. Food was good. Afterwards went to the Bar at the Hotel, and made some friends playing Cards Against Humanity. Erin Gladstone (@eglads), Elizabeth Enright (@Me0wz0id), and Cara McGee (@ohcararara)

Next morning, we packed everything and headed for breakfast at Panera Bread. I took my laptop and downloaded music for the trip. I quickly uploaded pictures of my cosplay on twitter to send them to Joe Hill (@joe_hill) and Gabriel Rodriguez (@GR_comics). It was a good start to the day that they both replied.

We took some bagels to-go. They lasted for while. Im really going to miss that place.

We traveled till 2 am and powered through to make it to Texas. I helped out Hansel by slapping his cheeks and shoulders and keeping him company. We ended up spending the night at a shady hotel in Orange, Texas.

Its tuesday, and we did end up stopping at Bucee’s, got some ice-cream and beef jerky. Arrived to Harlingen at 5 pm.

Overall, it was the best con ever.

Follow us on twitter Nancy (@popcorn_fart) Hansel (@hanselthelost) Myrka (@Myrkatt_Power) Armando (@argarciajr)


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