A preview of my Halloween/Cosplay costume.

I’ve had small jobs like driving around with my dad selling ice-cream in middle school, and working a firework stand back in 8th grade, but my first real job with a steady income was working at the Scene Shop as a Workstudy my Freshmen year of college. It was my chance to get familiar with all the tools used for construction, know the safety hazards, and help build the sets for the upcoming plays.

So im working on a costume that requires a huge prop that will be attached to my back. My boyfriend Hansel designed it, and im building it. (Just to be clear, this is a fan made costume)

I need the equipment and materials to cut the wood and the plastic tube, so I go to my fellow mentors Mike Salazar, and also with the permission of Tom Grabowski, if I can use their equipment.

Not going to lie, I took a gallon of paint and used the bottom of the can to trace out the circle i needed in the piece of wood. That was the size I was aiming for, so i saved some time there, especially since my Painting IV class was in 20 minutes.

I used a Bandsaw to cut out the circle. I love that machine, because it reminds me of a sewing machine. Of course it does not bind two pieces of wood together, but the way a curved stitch is positioned in the sewing machine, its the same on a bandsaw when cutting a circle.

I cut it as close as i could, and then sand it down with the Belt Sander.

In the design, I have to cut a circle in the center so the plastic pipe can fit snug. I used a Center Square Ruler. I mark it, then I ask Mike what is the recommended way to cut the center.

I thought this was going to be tough, and that’s when Mr. Tom showed me the Hole Saw Drill Bit Set. I have to attach it to the Drill Press and from there cut the circle, and make sure to put all the tools back. I found one that was the exact size that I needed.

This is the Hole Saw Drill Bit

And the Drill Press.

I bet you didn’t notice by the time I took the picture I had already put back the Drill Bit 🙂 Then I used a Backsaw to cut the plastic tube.

I got the job done. Finally, I can work on the rest of the costume at home. Im not going to say what the costume is just yet, but you can guess. I can’t wait for it to come all together.


Here is the teaser 🙂



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