Wizard World Austin

Me and Hansel went to Wizard World in Austin Nov. 11-13 this year. We had the best time there with his friends from Laredo who love reading comics and love buying original artwork. Me and Hansel went to say hi again to Rob Guillory, the artist for the comic book series Chew.

Hansel and Rob Guillory at Wizard World Austin

Im glad I was able to first meet him when we went to the San Diego Comic Con this summer and hand him a fan made messenger bag.

Chew is about a FBI agent that pretty much gets taken advantage off with his power of being able to get a psychic sensation of whatever he eats, having the ability to know where and how it was cropped, (like vegetables), how it was killed (like the meat in his burgers), and the only things that does not disgust him whenever he takes a bite are beets. It’s great. Must check it out. Rob has a good sence of humor, I always look forward to finding funny hidden messages in his artwork.

Next to Rob was Kody Chamberlain, with his published comic book called Sweets. I respect comic book artists that are both writers and artists. It’s a lot of work.

Me and Kody Chamberlain at Wizard World Austin

I read Sweets, and i enjoyed the mystery of the crime scene , especially the unexpected ending. I loved the dialogue in the flashbacks and memories of the characters. It gave the characters more depth and got me really attached to them. It was well thought out. Kody is a genius. Im glad I picked up Sweets. I dig it πŸ™‚

I’ve been hearing a lot about Morning Glories, but i haven’t been able to find the 1st trade paperback. Im not going to lie, i was intimidated because the artist Joe Eisma had his booth, ….like a few feet away from me, and it’s mind blowing that I can just walk up to them.Β  My first comic book convention was San Diego Comic Con, and it was pretty intimidating, but this convention was even more intimidating. I said hi, and finally was able to buy both trade paperbacks.

Me and Joe Eisma at Wizard World Austin

Love his artwork. He can really capture how sinister Miss Daramount is. I want to know who the Headmaster is already! Im looking forward into how he’s going to look like πŸ™‚ Joe is so talented, and it was nice to meet him. Nobody can illustrate Morning Glories better than he can.

When I was first holding the issue of The Red Wing, it brought me back to Jonathan Hickman’s panel at San Diego Comic Con.Β  I remember his panel being before Bill Willingham’s Fables panel. The point is, me and Hansel were there early enough to make sure we made it to Hickman’s panel. Hansel is a fan, and he really got me interested in reading The Red Wing, and i have yet to check out S.H.I.E.L.D. and other of his works. Me and Hansel were sitting at theΒ  front, and I remember Hickman looking very distracted. He made a joke how everybody was just there for the Fables panel. Hansel was sitting there in the very front, very interested in the discussion, and I have a feeling, a slight feeling, that Hickman was able to spot him as one of his fans. I hope so, Hansel was very happy that he was able to ask him a question πŸ™‚

As for Wizard World, we found out that Nick Pitarra, the artist for the Red Wing was going to be there, and we both knew we had to stop by his booth.

Nick Pitarra with Hansel Moreno at Wizard World Austin “Beard Touch”

Nick was very nice and approachable. Me and Hansel introduced ourselves, what we do for a living . He ended up talking about how his mom used to sew, and that he had asked her before is she could build him the hat from the Red Wing, just as an idea, and that’s when I jumped in that I can build him the hat πŸ™‚ It was great day already! I got commissioned by Nick Pitarra to make hats!Β  How great is that! One for him, one for Jonathan Hickman, and for the colorist. It was the best day ever.

Hansel did all the research and made the pattern himself, and designed the wings. I build the hat. It took overall, about 20 hours for both.

Here is Nick Pitarra with his hat

Hansel found an event that was going to be held in Dallas, and that Nick, Kody, Rob, Joe, and other of his favorite artists were going to be there. I planned it out to where I was able to balance out school and finish the hat, so we can surprise Nick. It was a long drive but it was worth it.

A few words from Nick πŸ™‚

“How cool is this! Nancy Amaro and Hansel Moreno made these awesome REDWING Ski hats for me and Jonathan Hickman. They drove an 18 hour round trip from Laredo to drop them off as a surprise at the Image signing held at Zeus Comics in Dallas! Just unbelievably awesome! Getting one made up for the talented colorista Rachelle Rosenberg too! This hat totally made my Christmas!”

It made my day πŸ™‚

_Nancy Amaro

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